A few words about “Serraia”

Guided by the modern needs for the search for food and products of high nutritional value, we created “Serraia”, a family business that offers 100% natural and traditional products with respect for nature and the consumer. All our products are handmade, without dyes and preservatives and without sugar! From the first stage of production to their packaging, we aim for their best quality, so that our raw material remains unchanged!

Our juices are 100% natural, as they do not contain preservatives and have a very high content of fruit!

Try now the natural juice “Serraia” in 4 amazing flavors:

– Pomegranate
– Apple
– Sour apple
– Pear

Our jams are WITHOUT SUGAR, made with taste, from fresh fruit and pure flower honey from Serrai producers!
You will find them in 7 amazing flavors:

– Kiwi
– Apricot
– Apple
– Banana
– Peach
– Pomegranate
– Strawberry

The highest quality for your family

100% natural and traditional products